The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Proposals for Feminist/Gender/Women’s Studies should include the following content in addition to the Cover Sheet and Attachments listed here.

Brief history of Feminist/Gender/Women’s Studies within the institution
. Mission of the program. Please describe how the program fits within the guidelines outlined on the Feminist/Gender/Women’s Studies page.

  1. Specify that there will be a designated department chair and provide complete job description. Job description should include: attending quarterly collaborative meetings, coordination of course offerings, supporting and recruiting adjunct instructors, collaboration across disciplines, developing new courses, improving existing courses, implementing best practices in the field, etc. Candidate must have demonstrated knowledge of feminist theory and thought
  2. Proposed list of course offerings with GE, A.A./A.S., and IGETC/CSU GE requirements fulfilled
  3. 9 units offered per term
  4. Requirements for students to receive a major/concentration in the program
  5. Plan to recruit, support, and maintain students within the program
Describe how your program coordinates with other programs on campus and how improved coordination could enhance effectiveness
  1. Please explain the institutional support of the Gender/Feminist/Women’s Studies program.
  2. Plan must be separated by year and outline the program growth/enhancements and the institutional funding commitment for each year individually.
  3. If institutional funding is limited the first year, the plan must include no-cost ways of integrating and supporting Women’s Studies for the first year as well as a plan to increase institutional funding over time. Refer to our RFP for examples of no-cost strategies.
Please include a brief vision statement for the Women’s Studies program for 2020, which can be a bulleted list of ideal program components/staffing/course offerings.
Describe any challenges you foresee in implementing the proposed program or program enhancements

In addition to the proposal, each application must include a one to two-pages single spaced Internal Memorandum of Understanding, which represents a partnership with different departments, offices and entities within the institution of higher education. Each applicant must provide an IMOU as a single document that includes signatures and dates from all partners. Signatures must be current (dated during the development of the proposal) and include titles and organizations. The IMOU must be signed by the vice president, president, vice chancellor, and/or chancellor of the institution of higher education and the chief executive officers and/or directors of all participating partners within the institution(s).

Letters of support may not be submitted in lieu of the IMOU.

The IMOU must do the following:

  • Identify the departments, offices, or entities designated to receive and administer grant funds and to manage and coordinate program activities within the institution of higher education
  • Clearly state the roles and responsibilities each partner would assume to ensure the success of the proposed program
  • Indicate approval of the proposed program budget by all partners
  • Describe the resources each partner would contribute to the project, either through time, in kind contributions, or other (e.g., office space, staff)
  • Indicate support of instructors and courses being co-listed under the Gender Studies program
  • Copy of IRS final determination letter for 501(c)(3) status (must reflect organization’s current name)
  • Proposed project budget, showing revenue and expenses
  • Current operating budget, showing revenue and expenses
  • Form 990 (send electronically)
  • List of other funders and amount committed by each
  • Endowments
  • Brochure or newsletter describing the organization’s activities and/or mission (optional)
  • Job description for department/program chair
  • Current financial statement
Please include copies of the following, if available:

  • Any existing proposals or program review documents recently submitted to the college regarding this Gender/Feminst/Women’s Studies program
  • Course catalog of the Gender/Feminist/Women’s Studies program
  • Approval protocol for listing a course as part of the Gender/Feminist/Women’s Studies program

See Letter of Inquiry Instructions for cover sheet and more information.

Please see the Grant Report Guidelines and include the following:

  • Accomplishments and details of progress in the development of the program. Address the goals outlined in each year and the job expectations/description
  • Current course catalogue and any new syllabi for the Gender/Feminist/Women’s Studies program. Highlight what has changed
  • Criteria for designating a course as a core or elective for the Gender/Feminist/Women’s Studies program (Year 1)
  • Current enrollment in the program/courses
  • Description of recruitment efforts
  • Changes to the program/goals
  • Challenges

How To Apply

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation is currently accepting proposals for up to $25,000. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, first review our instructions on how to Apply for a Grant and then submit Organization Information Sheet. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.

Apply for a Grant

Unsolicited Letters of Inquiry will not be accepted.

Please note: The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation is not afraid of the word feminism! We encourage you to openly discuss your feminist programming, goals, or approach.