Listed below are resources to assist with an organization’s grant-making process, understanding of key topics, and overall operations.

Racial Justice and Antiracism Resources

COVID-19 Resources

“The Nuance of Words”, Nicole Baran, Women Funded 2019 Conference (short version)

“Nuance of Words: Re-Framing Language to Increase Advocacy” Nicole Baran, July 2020 (long version)

Nuance of Words 2020 Handouts and Resources

Land Acknowledgement Resources

Gender Equity Audit

Activist Days Personnel Policy; we hope you will use this sample policy to implement activist days in your workplace.

Growing the Reproductive Justice Movement (Funders for Reproductive Equity)

Bolder Advocacy, a program of Alliance for Justice; a great resource for foundations who want to know in what kind of advocacy they are legally allowed to participate.