The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation works with Cabrillo College, Hartnell College, and Monterey Peninsula College to select bright, highly motivated, low-income women with a strong potential for making a difference. The president of each participating community college nominates three women to be considered for the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation Scholarship. For more information on community college participation, please see the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Participating Community Colleges:

After eligible students have submitted their applications, the community college is responsible for the following:

  • The community college president must nominate three exceptional women to be considered for this scholarship. By March 15, the community college must provide the Foundation with their complete applications according to the Scholarship Guidelines and Application.
  • Community colleges are responsible for confirming student eligibility for UC enrollment. Community colleges should complete a UC Eligibility Confirmation Checklist form for each prospective scholarship nominee to ensure that applicants meet the eligibility requirements prior to nominating students.
  • Each application must include a copy of the Information Release Form – Community Colleges signed by the student and Community College representative so that the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation can obtain relevant information regarding the student’s financial aid, grades, transfer records, etc. (Note that the student will sign another Information Release Form to give to the UC campus.)
  • In March, the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation will select one student from among each college’s nominees as the scholarship recipient. The Foundation will notify the community college counselor by April 15. The counselor will inform the scholarship recipient of their award. 
  • The community college and/or student will notify the Foundation of student admittance to and intent to enroll in a UC campus as soon as this information is available.
  • The community college will notify the student that they must submit a copy of their financial aid package from the UC they will be attending to the Foundation.

The Foundation upholds the highest standards of confidentiality and will not disclose student information to outside parties.