Our Goal

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation recognize that older women attempting to re-enter the workforce must overcome major societal barriers, including gender discrimination and ageism. Women may find themselves needing to re-enter the workforce after a variety of events including: losing a job, suffering from an illness, taking time off to raise children or care for family members, or losing a spouse. Furthermore, The Foundation believes that supporting women’s re-entry into the workforce is an important step towards achieving social and economic equality for all members of society.  The Foundation supports organizations that move beyond computer training and offer a robust re-entry program, providing model, promising, or start-up programs serving re-entry women, especially those serving women of color. Programs may provide training, resources, or tools that can improve the quality of re-entry programs.

What We Look For

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation would like to support programs and initiatives that incorporate the following components through existing (or proposed) guidelines:

  • We look for organizations and programs that are inclusive of a wide age range of participants and recognize the need for programing for women seeking to enter the workforce at ages 40 and older.
  • Emphasis is placed on programs with an advisor, including peer group resource building, as well as on programs that focus on confidence-building and business skills.
  • We look for programs that provide workshops that help participants identify career interests, conduct a successful job search, and interact with potential employers.
  • We look for programs that help participants utilize technological resources that are commonly used by jobseekers and those in the workforce.  These technological resources may include tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • We look for programs that provide access to technology such as computers to give all participants an opportunity to use helpful online resources for job research and applications.
  • We look for organizations and programs that are addressing a documented need and that have a track record of delivering effective programming to participants.
  • For existing programs, we look for model, high-quality programs with a record of success.
  • For new or emerging programs, we look to support programs with strong leadership that demonstrate high potential and promise for future success.
  • There is a preference for applicant organizations in which women are the primary decision-makers.
  • There is a preference for applicant organizations that integrate gender equity into their personnel policies, such as robust parental leave, child care, flexible work schedules, and relationship abuse workplace policies.

Please note: The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation is not afraid of the word feminism! We encourage you to openly discuss your intersectional feminist programming, goals, or approach.

To Apply


Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.