All grant recipients must submit a report one year after the grant was awarded. The report must include a completed grant report form as well as a descriptive narrative (maximum of 3 pages, exclusive of attachments).

In order to conserve time and effort, please feel free to cut and paste from a grant report you submit to another funder. If your organization utilizes a grant report format that differs from the Grant Report Narrative outlined below, please feel free to submit that instead.

Grant Report Narrative

A. Results/Outcomes

  1. Please describe the progress made toward the stated goals and objectives related to this specific grant. (Please include those stated goals and objectives in your response.)
  2. What difference did this grant make in your community or neighborhood and for the population you are serving? 
  3. Please describe any challenges and potential solutions that you experienced during implementation in order to share with colleagues at other organizations developing similar programs.

B. Publicity

How have you communicated the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation’s role as your partner in this work? Where and to whom has our support been publicized?

C. Future Plans

If you will be continuing this program, what are the plans for sustaining or expanding the program? (For a general operating grant, please answer in terms of the organization.)

D. Financials

Please report on any major variances from the approved budget (5%).

Download the Grant Report Form


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