The reproductive justice movement, led by women of color, has built powerful strategies and infrastructure to support people facing reproductive injustice, organize communities to successfully campaign for reproductive justice and help abortion seekers access services.

The resources linked below will help individuals financially support the robust reproductive justice movement work already being done by established organizations, volunteer their time and skills where they are needed, and use inclusive and justice-oriented language to challenge damaging narratives about reproductive healthcare and the people who seek it. Consider donating to the organizations listed below, if you are able. Resources on this page will also help abortion seekers identify safe and legal abortion care that is available to them in their home state, by traveling to a neighboring state, or by mail.

This is not a service that we provide. If you are pregnant and need support, please contact one of the organizations in the “Reproductive Healthcare Access for Pregnant People” section below to be connected with appropriate providers.

Take Action to Support Reproductive Justice

  • ACCESS Reproductive Justice helps people in California access reproductive healthcare, including information available via a bilingual helpline
  • California Latinas for Reproductive Justice is a Latina capacity and leadership-building advocacy organization for reproductive justice in California
  • Center for Reproductive Rights is an international reproductive rights organization spearheading legal work to expand reproductive rights and challenge attempts to roll back existing rights
  • Groundswell Fund is a funder of grassroots BIPOC-led reproductive and social justice movements across the U.S.
  • TEACH is a training organization for medical practitioners to learn how to provide abortion care
  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is the local Planned Parenthood affiliate serving Central California and Northern Nevada
  • SisterSong is a membership organization building power and community among people of color and Indigenous-led reproductive justice activists
  • Apiary for Practical Support is a national directory of support organizations that connect people seeking abortion care with sources of transportation, lodging, child care, and other practical needs
  • National Network of Abortion Funds is a network of organizations that provide financial support to people seeking abortion care

  • Take care of yourself as you engage in the work of activism. A sense of urgency about reproductive justice is appropriate and valuable; however, the struggle for full reproductive justice has been in progress for a long time, and there is a long way to go. The movement needs you in the long term, so make sure to take care of yourself as you mobilize.
  • Learn about the reproductive justice movement and the barriers that people typically face when trying to access an abortion.
  • Join a practical support network to help people seeking abortion care. The Apiary for Practical Support website can help you find a local organization where you can volunteer to support local abortion seekers with rides, places to stay, and other practical aid they need to access their healthcare.
  • Resist the temptation to “reinvent the wheel” by creating your own abortion support network from scratch, or euphemistically broadcasting offers on social media to take people “camping” if they need an abortion. While these gestures are well-intended, they do not protect you or abortion seekers from legal risk. The reproductive justice movement has been a thriving community for many decades; it has been led by women of color who have a deep understanding of the specific barriers that abortion seekers face and what strategies are effective in delivering that safe access. You are participating in a robust movement that’s been around for a very long time – find the work that’s already being done by seasoned activists and help them expand it.

Learn More About Reproductive Justice

  • [Coming Soon!] – A guide on using language that helps to advance reproductive justice and avoids inadvertently reinforcing harmful narratives about abortion and the people who seek it

Resources for Pregnant People

  • How to Identify and Avoid Crisis Pregnancy Centers” – “Crisis pregnancy centers”, also known as “fake clinics”, are anti-abortion facilities that mislead patients in order to persuade them to complete unwanted pregnancies. This resource helps patients distinguish fake clinics from genuine reproductive health clinics so they can access the care they need.

  • Abortion Finder – Guide to find a provider of safe, legal abortion services
  • Plan C – Information on accessing “Plan C” medication abortion
  • M+A Hotline – Resources and hotline to provide support with miscarriage and self-managed abortion
  • National Network of Abortion Funds – National directory of abortion funds to help cover the costs of an abortion, including travel for safe, legal abortion
  • Online Abortion Resource Squad – Information and resource hub on abortion care
  • I Need an A – Resource to find local abortion service providers to meet each patient’s specific circumstances
  • Apiary for Practical Support – Directory of practical support organizations coordinating transportation, lodging, childcare, and other practical needs for people seeking abortions
  • Dopo Directory – Directory of abortion doulas
  • Repro Care – Resource for emotional support for people self-managing medication abortions at home
  • Exhale – Emotional support for patients after having an abortion
  • Connect & Breathe – Emotional support for people who have had abortions or who have a loved one who has had an abortion
  • National Abortion Federation – Association of abortion providers and information on medical options, what to expect when receiving care, and where to find a care provider

  • Digital Defense Fund – Digital hygiene guidance to ensure safety and privacy when researching, accessing, or communicating about abortion-related information
  • Repro Legal Helpline – Information and helpline on reproductive rights, local laws, and judicial bypass for pregnant minors seeking abortion care