Our Goal

The U.S. ranks 79th in the world for percentage of women in public office.  In 2018, women comprised only 20.6% of the U.S. Congress, 23.7% of Statewide Elective Offices and 25.4% of State Legislatures.1  The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation believes that increasing women’s representation in public office is key to the larger goal of creating social equality for all members of society. To this end, the Foundation seeks to enhance and/or establish programming and initiatives that have the direct and explicit goal of increasing women’s representation in publicly elected offices.  We envision supporting programs that operate in one of the three following areas: (1) direct outreach to executive-level, accomplished women in the private and public sectors who have not previously considered running for office, with outreach to women of color as a priority;  (2) public education campaigns to raise awareness about the lack of women in elected office and the unique opportunities for women in upcoming elections; and (3) programming for women and girls, especially women and girls of color, that directly prepares them for both running for and holding a public office.

What We Look For

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation would like to support programs and initiatives that incorporate the following components through existing (or proposed) guidelines:

  • Program area includes Santa Cruz and/or Monterey County.
  • Program has a direct and explicit goal of increasing the number of women in public office.
  • Program maintains strong relationships with partner organizations.
  • Program access is not limited based on financial ability; programming is offered at little or no cost to participants.
  • Program actively recruits and/or conducts outreach to women from a variety of communities that are marginalized by society, seeking to increase representation of women of color and women in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We look for model, high-quality programs with a record of success.
  • There is a preference for applicant organizations for which women are the primary decision-makers.
  • There is a preference for applicant organizations that integrate gender equity into their personnel policies, such as robust parental leave, child care, flexible work schedules, and relationship abuse workplace policies.

As this is a competitive, discretionary program of the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation, there is no guarantee of continuation of funding. Applicants are required to include a plan describing their commitment and capacity to continue the program if funding through the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation were no longer available.

Please note: The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation is not afraid of the word feminism! We encourage you to openly discuss your intersectional feminist programming, goals, or approach.

To Apply


Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted.