The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation does not accept unsolicited Letters of Inquiry (LOIs). Please see the Apply for a Grant instructions for more information. If your organization has been notified as eligible to submit an LOI, please follow the instructions below. Please note that the LOI serves as the proposal.

A Letter of Inquiry to the Baskin Foundation must consist of the following three parts:

Download a Word or PDF version of the cover sheet.

The following attachments to the letter of inquiry are required:

  • Copy of IRS final determination letter for 501(c)(3) status (must reflect organization’s current name)
  • Proposed project budget, showing revenue and expenses (if applicable)
  • Current operating budget, showing revenue and expenses
  • Form 990 (send electronically)
  • List of other funders and amount committed by each
  • Endowments
  • Brochure or newsletter describing the organization’s activities and/or mission (optional)

Letters of Inquiry/proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.

  • Please submit one email with the following attachments to support(at) the coversheet and letter of inquiry should be combined into a single document, and the remainder of the attachments should be combined into a single document.
  • Please send a second email with the Form 990 and IRS letter.
  • In addition, please send ONE hard copy of the proposal, including the cover sheet, letter, and required attachments (excluding Form 990) to:

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation
5214F Diamond Heights Blvd. #808
San Francisco, CA 94131‐2175