A proposal to the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation must consist of the following three parts:

Proposal Narrative:

Using two to four single‐spaced pages, please provide the following information about your organization’s work. You may change the order of the information in each of the subheadings and collapse subheadings to accurately describe your goals. If you would like a page extension, please contact us.

A. Organization Information

  • Please provide a brief history of your organization (if you have not yet been awarded a grant from the foundation).
  • What is the mission of your organization?
  • Please describe any significant accomplishments or outcomes at your organization from the previous year.

B. Proposal Purpose and Goals

  • Please describe the need for the work outlined in this proposal. What are your main goals and objectives?
  • Who is the target population?
    • How many people will be served? (If relevant)
    • What geographic area will be served?
  • Please list any potential partners.

C. Anticipated Outcomes

  • How will the target population and/or organization benefit from your work?
  • What evidence will show the impact of your work?
    • (numbers served, community indicators, outcomes, etc.)

D. Financials

  • Please outline the project and/or organization’s budget.
  • How will this project be sustainable?

E. Publicity

  • If your proposal is accepted, you agree to publicize this award, to the extent possible, in Annual Reports, newsletters and/or press releases.