Transitional Housing Programs for Survivors of Relationship Abuse Grant Opportunities

This is not a service that we provide. We are trying to fund programs that provide this service. If you are experiencing relationship abuse and need support, please call 1-800-799-SAFE and you will be connected to your local resource.
  • Funding supports non-profit organizations that provide transitional housing (six months or longer) to survivors of relationship abuse.
  • Emphasis is placed on programs that exclusively serve survivors of relationship abuse and/or provide additional services, such as legal or workplace re-entry support, and that adhere to guidelines in line with best practices to ensure the safety and wellbeing of survivors of survivors of relationship abuse.

Physical requirements

  • Transitional housing space open to women and their children only
  • Private spaces available for clients
  • Minimum duration stay of six months

Program requirements

  • 40-hr relationship abuse and sexual assault trained advocates
  • Staff must be able to respond effectively to individual clients regardless of the client’s culture, ethnicity, religion and/or partner’s gender
  • Grantees must make services culturally and linguistically available through their own programming or with support from partner organizations or programs to support the needs of the community served
  • Program must not penalize the survivor for perpetrators' actions (i.e. no mandated counseling)
  • Program must consult, coordinate and partner with nonprofit/nongovernmental sexual assault and relationship abuse victim services programs as well as community- based programs to provide holistic services, including:
    • Support groups or group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Child therapy
    • Substance abuse support
    • LGBT support
    • Child care
    • Safety planning
    • Legal services
    • Housing assistance
    • Job support/re-entry services
    • Transportation support (i.e. bus passes, staff-operated shuttle)
    • Educational support
    • Medical/dental support
  • Program must coordinate and partner with nonprofit/nongovernmental sexual assault and relationship abuse victim services programs to ensure the following:
    • Phone support
    • Primary and auxiliary support services cannot be limited to over-the-phone intake
    • Staff available 24 hours a day
    • Safety requirements
    • Confidential location
    • Confidential services
    • Staff or partner staff on-site 24 hours a day or available 24 hours a day
    • Protocol implemented for responding to persons of concern appearing on site
    • Follow-up requirements
    • Termination and follow-up protocol
    • Continuing support services

Proposals should explain how the program addresses the following key components of relationship abuse services:

  • Safety Planning
  • Women defined advocacy

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation will not support organizations with programs and/or policies that violate the following provisions:

  • Grantee must not adhere to a selective religious affiliation or provide selective religious services on site;
  • Grantee’s policies must prohibit abusive partners to stay or live in the space. We recognize that court orders may require relationship abuse victims with children to allow visitation with an abusive partner, therefore organization must assist with coordination of off-site visitation and visitation must not extend to overnight stays or unplanned visits. However, because the actions of an abusive partner are not within the control of the survivor, these policies should not penalize the survivor if the abusive partner does not adhere to the transitional housing policies;
  • Grantee’s programs must not utilize or require mediation, alternative dispute resolution or joint counseling as a response to sexual assault, relationship abuse, dating violence and stalking.
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