Media Literacy Grant Opportunities

Our Mission

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation believes that teaching media literacy to children will help them understand and challenge the objectification of women and the limiting gender stereotypes that are present in the media. According to the Representation Project, "Studies prove exposure to sexually explicit video games and music videos is linked to men's acceptance of rape myths and sexual harassment." The Foundation believes in educating people about the underrepresentation of women of all races, ethnicities, body sizes, and sexual orientation in the media. The Foundation supports organizations dedicated to exposing the harmful messages in the media, starting active dialogues, increasing awareness, and encouraging activism about women's representation. We envision supporting non-profit organizations or non-profit schools that run programs that provide training resources, or tools that focus on reducing the objectification of women and the perpetuation of gender stereotypes in the media. We look for organizations working to change the negative representations of women in the media that contribute to inequalities and violence against women. Funds may be applied to model, promising, or start-up programs.

What We Look For

The Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation would like to support programs and initiatives that incorporate the following components through existing (or proposed) guidelines:

  • Programs must have direct and explicit goal of reducing objectification of women and the perpetuation of gender stereotypes in the media.
  • Programs must address the needs of low-income and underserved women and women or color.
  • We look for organizations and programs that have a track record of delivering effective programming to participants.
  • For existing programs, we look for model, high-quality programs with a record of success.  For new or emerging programs, we look to support programs with strong leadership that demonstrate high potential and promise for future success.
  • There is a preference for applicant organizations in which women are the primary decision makers.
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