General Letters of Inquiry

Letters of Inquiry should include the following content in addition to the Cover Sheet and Attachments listed here.

Using two to four single‐spaced pages (contact us for a page extension), please provide the following. You may change the order of the information in each of the subheadings and collapse subheadings to accurately describe your goals.

I. Organization Information
a. Brief history
b. Mission
c. Previous year's accomplishments
II. Proposal Purpose and Goals

a. Need for the proposed project
b. Goals and objectives
c. Target population

  • Number of people to be served
  • Geographic area to be served
d. Potential partners

Anticipated Outcomes
a. How will the target population or the organization be different at the end of the project
b. How will you show evidence of effect (numbers served, client satisfaction, survey results, pre- and post-test results, community indicators, outcomes, etc.)
IV. Financials

a. Project budget
b. Funding committed to date
c. Plan regarding the sustainability of the project

Letters of Inquiry should include the following content in addition to the Cover Sheet and Attachments listed here. Please do not fill this out unless you have been asked to submit an LOI.

  • Copy of IRS final determination letter for 501(c)(3) status (must reflect organization’s current name)
  • Proposed project budget, showing revenue and expenses
  • Current operating budget, showing revenue and expenses
  • Form 990 (send electronically)
  • List of other funders and amount committed by each
  • Endowments
  • Brochure or newsletter describing the organization’s activities and/or mission (optional)
  • Current financial statement

See Letter of Inquiry Instructions for more information.

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